The Bangladeshi Regeneration Council in England & Wales

  • COMMUNITY SERVICE NETWORK: Produce and implement innovative and exciting programmes of social and economic development towards building a prosperous Bangladeshi community.

  • COMMUNITY RESEARCH NETWORK: Build a comprehensive picture of the Bangladeshi community, helping everyone to understand the community better towards creating a brighter future. 

  • COMMUNITY ADVICE NETWORK: Communicate  and inform the Bangladeshi community about their rights to statutory and non statutory resources available to them and how best to access them at local level.

  • COMMUNITY SPORTS NETWORK: Develop sport and physical activities participation by the Bangladeshi community and  transform young people's passion for sports into work and community cohesion.

The Bangladeshi Regeneration Council is working towards introducing and implementing a series of National Networks focusing on developing services that will address multiple and generational deprivation related to income, employment, health, education, skills and training. These networks will work across the 10 regions of England and Wales.

  • COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP NETWORK: Mobilise national and local leadership of youth, women and elders to drive and steer the social and economic development of the Bangladeshi Community. 

  • COMMUNITY SECTOR NETWORK: Strengthen the capacity of the Bangladeshi community sector to provide a more productive platform for the social and economic development of the Community.