The Bangladeshi Regeneration Council in England & Wales

Riyahd Ahad  - Media Advisor

Chris Allen - Chief Adviser 

Anam Choudhury 

Founder & Honorary Chief Executive

Taslima  Jannath  - Engagement Officer

Saidul Miah   - Health Worker

A disproportionate number of 442,971 Bangladeshis living in England and Wales are experiencing high rates of poverty and deprivation and continue to fare worse on a number of key indicators compared to all others. For far too long the Bangladeshi community has been regarded as one of the most socially and economically disadvantaged ethnic groups in the UK.

To tackle this multiple and generational deprivation in the community we have introduced the Bangladeshi Regeneration Council. The Council is founded on the fact that the community is a rich source of entrepreneurship and talent and that the community coming together to work on the things that matter to them is a key way of unlocking socioeconomic progress.


Our vision is that, by 2030 the Bangladeshi community should no longer be regarded as one the most disadvantaged ethnic groups in England and Wales.



At the Bangladeshi Regeneration Council, our aim is to work towards improving the social and economic condition of the Bangladeshi Community living in England and Wales. We will do this by:

  • Enthusing, engaging and empowering the Bangladeshi Community and the Bangladeshi Community Sector to be in the driving seat for  socioeconomic development; and

  • Introducing and implementing a series of National Networks focusing on services that will address multiple and generational deprivation related to income, employment, health, education, skills and training.


As a national community led regeneration organisation, the Bangladeshi Regeneration Council will be governed by a 10 Member Board of Directors and 44 Member National Assembly representing the ten regions of England & Wales.

  • To apply for membership of the National Assembly, please complete the form.