A deep understanding of half a million residents of the Bangladeshi community living in England & Wales is an essential starting point to plan new, meaningful and sustainable community development services. The Bangladeshi Regeneration Council therefore held an ‘Open Air Community Consultation’ for the West Midlands region organised in partnership with the BIRMINGHAM BANGLA MELA. An estimated 45,000 people attended the event which was held on Sunday 8th May 2016 at the Small Health Park Birmingham.

The Bangladeshi Regeneration Council believes that the open air consultation gave the community an important voice and an opportunity to influence and enable the community to become creators instead of just consumers of services. Further consultations are planned across the country and the findings will lead to a national report on ‘Vision 2030 - Sustainable Regeneration of the Bangladeshi Community in England and Wales’ to be produced by Compass Community Partnerships Ltd on behalf of the Bangladeshi Regeneration Council.

The consultation involved questionnaires, focus group meetings and structured and unstructured interviews with 5000+ residents of all ages. It obtained a general sense of individual and family life, problems, and aspirations of the community and identify innovative and entrepreneurial ways in which they can be addressed more effectively at a regional and national level. This community consultation and research is innovative because the subject of social and economic development of the Bangladeshi community nationally, in its complexity and entirety, has been under-researched and under-considered.

We hope that the existence of a large amount of positive energy among the Bangladeshi community emerge from this study which will be directed and used for new and improved service development, that could be centred around a number of issues of common concern, from jobs, to training opportunities, to education, to family matters and so on. The consultation report also has the potential to become an important agent of transformation from within as it will contain the wishes of the Bangladeshi community for their own future and for the future generations.


Our vision is that by 2030 the Bangladeshi community should no longer be regarded as one of the most disadvantaged ethnic groups in England and Wales.

The Bangladeshi Regeneration Council