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What is Community and Voluntary Sector?

The ‘Community and Voluntary Sector’ refers to organisations whose primary purpose is to create social impact rather than profit. It is often called the third sector, civil society or the not-for-profit sector. As a whole, community and voluntary organisations engage with a huge range of socio-economic issues and achieve their aims through a wide range of activities, such as providing services or other forms of direct support and advice to the groups they help; for example running a women’s shelter or providing legal advice. A community and voluntary organisation is run by an independent board who decide on strategy and priorities.

Challenges faced by the Bangladeshi Community & Voluntary Sector.

According to our research and consultations with the Bangladeshi Community and Voluntary Sector Leaders, the greatest challenge faced by the Sector is the 'worksforce skills gap' both in strategic leadership and operational development' in responding to change and planning of quality services and procurement of resources to meet the socioeconomic development needs of the Bangladeshi community across the deprived neighbouhoods of England and Wales.

Services Offered:

To address the ongoing challenges and in the sustainable development of the Bangladeshi Community and Voluntary Sector, the BRC offers five key Capacity Building Support Services including: 

  1. CVS Leadership Training.
  2. Community Research and Consultation.
  3. Community Service Planning & Design.
  4. Community Grants & Contracts Procurement.
  5. Community Service Evaluation.

If you are involved with the Bangladeshi Community and Voluntary Sector and wish to discuss your organisations capacity building requirements.Please contact Anam Choudhury on 07984416587 or 

email @

The Bangladeshi Regeneration Council

Our vision is that by 2030 the Bangladeshi community should no longer be regarded as one of the most disadvantaged ethnic groups in England and Wales.