The Bangladeshi Regeneration Council in England & Wales

"By 2030 the Bangladeshi community should no longer be regarded as one of the most socially and economically disadvantaged groups in the country.." BRC


  • Represent regional views of the Bangladeshi community on issues of poverty and deprivation.

  Role and Responsibility.

  1. To attend BRC's Annual General Meetings.
  2. To Elect BRC's Board of Directors. 
  3. To attend BRC's Sub Committees.
  4. To act as the BRC's Accountable Mechanism.
  5. To provide BRC's Strategic Direction.

  Education, Qualities, Skills & Knowledge.

  • Have knowledge of the Bangladeshi Community.
  • Have an understanding of the Bangladeshi Community Sector.
  • Have knowledge of community development & regeneration.
  • Be professional and tactful.
  • Speak clearly and succinctly.
  • Show interest in BRC's viewpoints.
  • Have an ability to respect confidence.
  • Ensure BRC is heading in the right direction.

Number of Representatives
West Midlands
North West
East Midlands
South East
East of England
North East
South West

We hope that everyone in the community will have a valuable role to play in deciding and delivering all aspects of this vital community regeneration process so that over the coming years we have a prosperous, more sustainable and successful Bangladeshi community in England and Wales. For an interim period we are inviting 44 representatives from across the country to come forward in forming a National Assembly which will represent the interest of the Bangladeshi community and drive forward its regeneration agenda. To apply for membership of the council, please complete the online form below. Under the 'Subject' section please let us know which region you want to represent. Under the 'Message' section, please highlight your credentials in accordance to the aims and objectives of the role. You can also endorse the mission aims and objectives of this campaign by using the same form below.