The Bangladeshi Regeneration Council in England & Wales

Vision 2030 is a community development talk show of the Bangladeshi Regeneration Council working in partnership with Channel S  in the sustainable regeneration of our community here in the UK, so that by 2030, the Bangladeshi community is no longer regarded as one of the most disadvantaged and deprived groups. Currently, our community lives through many challenges such as;

- 28% of our community live in deprived neighbourhoods;

- 65% of our families are living in low income households;

- 58% of Bangladeshi women are not in employment;

- 2/5 men are in low skilled employment; and

- the community has the lowest level of English language proficiency.

And That Is Not Acceptable especially to the third generation of Bangladeshis. This is why we have introduced this show so that by connecting with the community at large, we can identify the real issues and work towards finding local and national solutions to our community's problems.

The show is live on every last Monday of the Month from 8:30PM - 10PM